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The great Mughuls were known for their art, style and cuisine.They built great monuments and palaces like Taj Mahal and Shalimar,world reknown for their everlasting beauty.In the same manner they left exotically great traditions of food.As a tribute to them and their sense of delicacies, we are proud to call our restaurant “AL-DIWAN” where we will do our best to relive andrevive their great cuisine.

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When are we open?

We are based in Vesterbrogade is the main shopping street of the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The 1.5 km long street runs from the City Hall Square in the east to Pile Allé in Frederiksberg in the west where it turns into Roskildevej. On its way, it passes Copenhagen Central Station as well as the small triangular square Vesterbros Torv . Please note kitchen closes one hour before closing time


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We welcome your questions. Feel free to call, write, or send us a message and we're happy to answer your questions.

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